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Cream Jelly Roll 15oz

Cream Jelly Roll 15oz

SKU: 366615376135191

The quality distinguishes us, that is why our "Bavarian Cream" is unique. 15oz Small Cream Swiss Roll with Regular Dough.


    Our gypsy arms are 100% handmade. The gypsy arms are packed in a vacuum plastic. Gypsy arms can remain at room temperature and last for up to three (3) months. However, it is recommended that once the product is opened it is kept refrigerated for greater durability and freshness at the time of consumption.

    Orders from our Brazos Gitanos to the United States are made and shipped the same day they are produced. Therefore, your order will be placed on the next production business day for higher quality and freshness of your product.


    Shipments to the United States and Puerto Rico are made using the United States Postal Service. A Flat Rate Medium or Large box will be used (according to the number of gypsy arms ordered).

    From ordering from 1 to  8  Gypsy arms will be shipped using the Medium Flat Rate Box . From ordering 9 to  10 gypsy arms will be shipped using the Large Flat Rate Box . If more than 10 gypsy arms are ordered, the order will be sent using several medium Flat Rate Boxes according to the ordered quantity.

    Shipments are made between two to three days after the order is placed. According to the production day of the gypsy arms, to guarantee the quality of the product. 

    Orders to be picked up at one of our bakeries  Ricomini (Mayaguez, Rincon or Isabela) have no additional cost. It will be confirmed by a phone call from a company representative to establish the time and day of pick-up. Please choose at the time of checkout that the delivery method is by "pick up at a bakery". Please leave a note from the bakery  preferably for collection.

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